Allie was born and raised in Nashville and is well-versed in the city and all of the surrounding areas. Allie first became interested in home ownership and the creation of wealth through real estate investing after college. She purchased and fully renovated a duplex where she rented out part and lived in the other part. This lit her fire for helping others to achieve homeownership and to educate them on how real estate can change their life- as it did hers. Allie understands the stress of buying and selling a home or an investment property. Her creation of an environment where questions are encouraged, coupled with her forthright and honest personality ensures the process is thoughtful and smooth.

Allie’s calm demeanor comes naturally. She began riding horses at an early age, competed at the collegiate level, and won two National championships. Allie owns two horses and loves to ride in her free time. Allie and her partner own four rental units around Nashville and enjoy doing hands-on renovations.