Looking for an experienced realtor who knows the ins and outs of Middle TN? Look no further than Lindsay Sanford! Lindsay moved to Franklin, TN when she was just three years old and after playing Division 1 soccer and graduating from Samford University, she moved back because she just couldn’t stay away. For the last 14 years, Lindsay has used her hometown knowledge to help families find homes they love, as well as help folks sell properties when they are ready to move on to their next adventure. Her clients recommend her to others because of her incredible attention to detail, consistent and direct communication, and her unending resourcefulness in navigating the complex Nashville real estate market. Lindsay knows what to do and how to do it!

More recently Lindsay has become a wife and mom of two beautiful girls and two dogs, making her an expert in all the components that turn simply buying a house into creating a home and community. She especially loves helping clients unfamiliar with Middle TN learn about the rich diversity of local communities and helping them find the one that suits them best. On the flip side, Lindsay is equally thrilled to walk folks selling their property through the ways to generate interest and top market value like painting and staging. Whatever it is you need, Lindsay has got your back!

Reach out to Lindsay today to benefit from her expertise by calling her at 615-828-7684 or via email at lindsay@thekupingroup.com!