If you are looking for an agent excited and ready to help you navigate the competitive real estate market in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, look no farther than Nick Jodway. Nick came to Nashville in 2011 to attend MTSU for a degree in Public Relations and hasn't looked back since. Prior to his move into real estate, Nick worked in the sports industry, planning events on and off the field for the Houston Texans. The customer service and networking skills he developed give him the needed edge to win coveted multi-offer properties or get the highest value for your beloved home. He is excited to listen to and work hard for you as you navigate the complexities of Nashville and Middle Tennessee real estate together.

When Nick isn't looking at properties or serving clients across the region, you can catch him running The Nashville Bourbon Social Club which raises thousands of dollars annually for Friend's Life Community, a space for disabled community members to find belonging. He is also a common fixture at some of Nashville's favorite spots like Patterson House, Locust, and Arnold's Country Kitchen. Give him a call today at (832) 723-2612 or email him at nick@thekupingroup.com to team up and start your real estate journey today!